Edition 2014

La Guarimba was created as an international film festival in 2013 with the aim of bringing the cinema to the people and the people to the cinema. The 2014 edition is the natural course it has now taken.

To set the scene and welcome directors and spectators, we will no longer be at the Arena Sicoli (the outdoor cinema that the guarimberos repaired and reopened for the first edition) but amidst the natural beauty of the Amantea Grotta Park. We took advantage of the organisers’ and international artists’ artistic potential who responded to the call from all around the world. Thanks to the park’s potential and the cave’s features, you not only see it from the outside in this edition of the film, but you have even been invited to take the first steps inside. Art workshops have allowed all those who took part to discover some “tricks of the trade” and the creative side to the caves.

The collaboration with different structures in the area and other Calabrian festivals has initiated many meetings and discussions that shed light on the reality of active citizenship and social innovation in southern Italy, particularly in Calabria.

30 international illustrators have redesigned the festival poster (this was Sara Fratini’s idea who has now created an exhibition). Over 40 of these illustrators were volunteers and directors from every corner of Italy and the world over, who came together in Amantea for La Guarimba Film Festival 2014. Our spectators were from all over Calabria, and not only that, but they populated the entire Grotta Park during this time.

The 2014 edition was a festival for film and an opportunity to find and celebrate a sense of community.


Curated by Sara Fratini



Juan Pablo Zaramella (Argentina) – Independent director and animator (President of the jury for La Guarimba 2014)

Carlo Migotto (Italy) – Director of Lago Film Fest

El Tornillo De Klaus (Spain) – Collective of cinema critics and directors