• v.tr. [sogg-v-arg] v. [der. di miscitare]

(io miscito, tu misciti ecc.)

1. The mix of two or more realities: make m., with m., or without m., + other ingredients. More often, the effect of mixing or blending in concrete sense. A set of mingled things. Miscita of the ALT!rove Festival, Coltivatori di Musica, and the La Guarimba Film Festival.

2. The act of blending different arts. M. music, food, street art, cinema, contemporary dance, installations.

3. To believe in progress based around culture. Stirring, confusing forms and patterns. M. the heat with cold, apathy with creativity, a safe place with a dangerous one.

4. Stir, challenge, and overturn static mixtures into territories of creative strength. M. the elements of everything not yet realized.

5. An event created by the organizers of ALT!rove Street Art Festival, Coltivatori di Musica, and the La Guarimba Film Festival, and maintained by Andrea Bartoli and Florinda Saieva, who have transformed the old town of Favara in the First Cultural District of Sicily.


On September 5, 2014, together with other Calabrian realities, we organized a great event at the legendary FARM CULTURAL PARK in Sicily. The idea was to bring together the best of the Calabrian cultural scene to bring it to Sicily, creating a unique event.

La Guarimba brought screenings of short films, a mural by Sara Fratini, the illustration workshop for children “Make the monkey” by Sara Fratini, the meeting “Cultural innovation in Calabria” by Giulio Vita and the photographic story of the evening. In addition, our sponsors Fichi Marano and Casa Comerci joined the event.

In 2015, with the same spirit, we organized “La Piccola” at the ExConvento dei Cappuccini in Belmonte Calabro.