Radio Guarimba – A Guarimbero podcast

Radio Guarimba is a fresh project by the Audio Team of La Guarimba, with the help from dozens of volunteers, directors, the jury, and everyone who talk and listen. We try to expand the Guarimba experience in time and space, connecting the big family we are in a podcast series.

We play interviews, songs, and important moments from the 2018’s festival, and we talk about music and films every week. Contact us and recommend songs and topics! You will be heard! Also, you can send whatsapp audios and we will play it…if they’re good!

Thank you for listening!


The main brains behind Radio Guarimba are Ronny Ruiz and Carlos García, who love you very much.

Sound Engineer

Carlos (Spain, 1991) is La Guarimba’s Sound Engineer and the director of the Radio Guarimba podcasts. Also an Art Historian, Carlos is currently studying a Masters in Radio in Spain’s national broadcaster, RTVE. He also works as a video editor. He edited 2012’s Documenta Madrid winning short film “El Mundo Conmigo”. 

Reporter & Roadie

Ronny (Caracas, 1988) is a big La Guarimba enthusiast who studied Literature in Caracas. He’s been living in Berlin since 2014, where he works as a Language teacher and writes in his free time.