Translation & Subtitling Services

One of the main goals of La Guarimba International Film Festival is to provide access to cinema, from both a sociocultural and a linguistic point of view. To this effect, we pay due attention to the translation and subtitling of all the films that we screen.


  • With the objective of guaranteeing that our audience —both local and international— understands and enjoys our film programme, all the screenings rely on our own method of bilingual subtitling (English and Italian).
  • We are committed to provide quality and accurate subtitling services, in both linguistic and technical terms: every feature of every film is analysed in detail —from the dialogues to the specific visual aspects— in order to maximize its understanding and enjoyment.


Experts with a long and extensive experience lead our translation and subtitling departments. Additionally, we have a wide network of collaborators.

Head of Subtitling, Coordinator of the AVA Project
& Documentary Programmer

Marta (Spain, 1984) is an audiovisual translator and researcher. With a PhD in audiovisual translation and media accessibility and a long experience in the translation of short, feature films and documentaries, she currently combines her research and professional activities.

Subtitles Translation Department

Daniele (Italy, 1987) has graduated in Modern Languages and Literature, three Master’s degrees in Translation and PhD cum laude in Phraseology and Corpus Linguistics.
He is currently based in Spain, where he works as a Business Analyst (BA) consultant for the European Patent Office.


We provide high-quality translation and subtitling services in different languages and in different formats, mainly addressed to filmmakers and film festivals:

  • Translation and subtitling (in one or two languages) for screenings.
  • Translation and subtitling (in one or two languages) for platforms and social media.
  • Subtitling for the deaf and hard of hearing.
  • Conferences, courses and workshops on subtitling.
  • Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish, Catalan, Basque, etcetera.
  • Competitive rates.
  • Meeting deadlines and keeping schedules.

If you want to make an inquiry, check our availability or ask for a budget, do not hesitate to contact us at