La Guarimba in Madrid

A Saturday night in downtown Madrid. Two guarimberos and their favorite bookseller drink and eat together while discussing literature, cinema, life. Boom: the project is born.

Why not share with our neighbours the vast repertoire of short films that La Guarimba International Film Festival has in store in the intimate and historical basement of Sin Tarimba Books, a former shelter for the Spanish Civil War?

Instead of curating the best short films of a particular year —as a film festival usually does— the idea is to articulate films around topics, thus providing them with new meanings, connections and dimensions for the sake of controversy, provocation, and broad-mindedness.

A collective act of culture and neighborhood, where a theme-based projection showcasing the work of worldwide filmmakers is followed by an open discussion. Spectators, organizers, and booksellers share thoughts and doubts, references and recommendations, build bonds and expand their gaze, while afterwards ending up all together in a secular procession around local bars.


THEME: un unexplainable world


– All inclusive (Switzerland)

– Just a guy (Japan/Germany)

– Shadows on the rails (Finland)

– Tungrus (India)

– Bestia (Chile)

THEME: religion, cult


– The day of the wall (Italy)

– Tarikat (Netherlands)

– In light (Italy)

– All cats are grey in the dark (Switzerland)

– Motorcyclist’s happiness won’t fit into his suit (Mexico)

– The passion of Judas (Spain)

– Los colores del niño Dios (Colombia)

THEME: work, labor


– Ca$h (Singapore)

– The ballet of service (Netherlands)

– Breakpoint (France)

– Malumore (Italy)

– A job like any other (Canada)

– Why slugs have no legs (Switzerland)

THEME: vice, perversion


– Olav (Belgium)

– Mom what’s up with the dog (France)

– Really Good Friends (USA)

– Pentola (Italy)

– Sherry (USA)

– Maw (Belgium)

– Fiebre Austral (Chile)

– El Polinizador (Spain)


Head of Subtitling & Documentary Programmer

Marta (Spain, 1984) is an audiovisual translator and researcher. With a PhD in audiovisual translation and media accessibility and a long experience in the translation of short, feature films and documentaries, she currently combines her research and professional activities.

Sound Engineer

Carlos (Spain, 1991) studied Art History, Film, Sound Engineering, Radio and Journalism. Mixing all that, now he works producing podcasts for a bunch of newspapers from Vocento, a spanish media group.