Cambur Project – La Guarimba’s sustainability project

It is estimated that plastic constitutes 60-80% of all marine litter and is increasing at an alarming rate. This doesn’t only affect marine life, which can mistake plastic as food and die of starvation or entanglement, but it also affects us because plastic ingested by marine life releases toxins that can be passed on through the food chain and end up in our plates. This is why at La Guarimba we pledge to reduce our impact on the environment by cutting down our single-use plastic consumption.

The sustainability project CAMBUR, inaugurated in 2018, this year has not only helped us eliminate the use of plastic but has proved to be economically beneficial. In fact, there are many companies that have supported us in an attempt to reduce our environmental impact, such as Klean Kanteen, Who Gives A Crap, Green Gate bio packaging, Mabboo, Kabloom and Chiara Mastroianni. On August 6th, thanks to the collaboration with the international organization Parley for the Oceans, we included our guests and the whole town in cleaning the Amantea beach, managing to collect 310kg of garbage: Plastic: 80kg, Undifferentiated: 230kg (of which metals: 150).

The beach clean-up and the screening are actions aimed at raising awareness about sustainability and at creating a network of people with a similar objective. But the most important action of all is the one of changing our habits.

Here are a few tips on how to reduce plastic consumption:

  • switch your plastic bottle to a reusable one
  • always remember to bring your canvas bag to the supermarket
  • try to buy bulk food and fill jars or produce bags. If you have the option choose glass, tin, or cardboard over plastic, these materials have a better recycling life.

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