Every year we build a team of volunteers who bring the cinema back to the people and the people back to the cinema. First of all, take your time to see how the festival was created and who we are (feel free to share the video among your friends):


What we offer:

-A place to sleep from 5th to 13th*

-Food during the days of the festival

-An official t-shirt

-A badge

-A tote bag

-An amazing cinema-lover monkeys experience in the south of Italy

-If you have a car and want to be a runner, we will pay for the gas you will be using during the festival.

*Hosting each volunteer costs the festival €300. We have a small budget and have had a lot of amazing applications so we decided to open for more applicants to join the volunteers team asking them to pay for their own accommodation. So we will be offering 15 positions with expenses fully covered and another 10 not-fully covered. The not-fully covered volunteers can find their own accommodation in Amantea or let the festival help them find it.

We are looking for people who:

-Speaks basic english or basic italian

-Want to learn and develop their interests and teach their own talent

-Exhibit flexibility

-Treat others in a respectful and supportive manner

-Want to build a community

What will you do:

In the morning you are going to hand out flyers at the beach to entice people to come to the festival. It is a very important way to approach people, make them know about the festival and try to get them come. We know that in those days there will be many tourists, so the more people know the festival, the more people will be able to reach us. After you have done this, you will be free to stay at the beach or do what you like. Lunch is always organized, so you can go home.

We will put you in a team from one of our many areas. Usually the work begins at 18 but, since there are so many things to do, you may be required to start earlier. In any case from the beginning of the work we should all be in La Grotta until the end of the activities. Also the dinner will be organized, so that we can eat before the screenings starts.

Where are you staying:

You will stay in a rented house sharing room with other volunteers. The fridge will be already filled by Guarimba with everything you may need. In this house is not allowed to have parties nor invite people who are not from the staff. We build a community where we have to collaborate together cooking, cleaning and respecting the spaces.

Where is Amantea?

Amantea is a small town facing the Tyrrhenian Sea with its roots in fishing, agriculture and commerce. Unfortunately there aren’t many cultural opportunities offered to the local population who are also dealing with constant economic hardship. This is a tourist location that really needs more of a flux from outside its small reality. Amantea is full of contradictions between its beauties and horrors, with rich Southern Italian flavours from the sea and from the land, caught between antiquity and modernity and although it is a small town, it has three closed down cinemas that used to be the social hubs for the entire province and for the visitors flocking here from the rest of Italy. Today

Amantea houses about 300 refugees and asylum seekers, mostly from Subsaharan Africa, and we involved them every year in workshops and in the community of the festival.


They are an essential part of the festival. They are coming here to work hard and have a very beautiful experience knowing people from all over the world and building a community with them. They are not coming to party but they have fun, they are not on vacation but they manage to go to the beach.


My boyfriend/girlfriend wants to come. Can he/she stay with me in the volunteer house?

Nop. The idea of having sharing rooms with people you don’t know is to build a community those days. We want you to share with others and don’t be distracted by your life. If your friends want to come, they are more than welcome to rent a place and attend the festival.

Me and my friend want to apply together. 

This is not a vacation and we really like the idea that you meet new people. Consider that each person must send an individual application and is not alike that you will be selected with your friend so we ask you before apply be sure that you would still be available if your friend is not selected.

I want to go but I can’t help every day.

So, this is not the place for you. We are looking for people who wants to live a complete experience.

Is the festival paying for my plane ticket to get to La Guarimba?

No. We offer hosting and accommodation but not the ticket.

How can I get to La Guarimba?

You can check it here: https://www.laguarimba.com/gettingto/

I have a friend in Amantea and I would rather stay at his/her place. Can I?

Of course but remember to be on time and participate in all the activities we have planned for you.

I want to bring food from my hometown

We encourage cultural exchange so if you want to bring things from your hometown to share with others, you are more than welcome.

I am looking for an internship

During the year, we accept interns to help us out in different tasks such as translation of the website, design and communication for social media, press office and more. Find out more here: https://www.laguarimba.com/internships/

If you want to be a volunteer for La Guarimba fill and send your application from September 1st to March 1st by filling THIS FORM.