Biblioteca Guarimba – Library for refugees

The Library was located inside the Asylum Seeker Center of Amantea (CS) and had more than 100 books available for all the people living inside the camp and for all the citizens of the town.

After the success of the project “Wandering Cinema: integration stories” we realized that the people living inside the camp had a lot of needs. One of those was having access to books. This is the reason we decided to build a small library with books in Italian, English, French and Arab, literature, learning books and essays.

We were in charge of receiving the books, catalog them and bringing them to the asylum.

The Library was open from 2016 to 2021, year of closure of the Asylum Seeker Center of Amantea.


Italian 89LIBRI
English 28LIBRI
French 5LIBRI
Arabic 0LIBRI

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