For the second year, La Guarimba and GIPHY Arts join forces to give the BEST GIF AWARD 2021. On the occasion of the 9th Edition of La Guarimba International Film Festival, we will be celebrating creators who have been using gifs as an art form to make us better express ourselves. 

This contest is open to any artists who are creating original GIFs.
It’s easy to enter:

1. Create a GIPHY account

2. Upload your GIF masterpiece

3. Tag it  #LAGUARIMBA2021

Do these three things before July 31st, 2021, and you will be eligible to win the award, a screening at the festival in Amantea, Southern Italy and a $500 prize.

You can tag as many GIFs as you’d like. Please note that your GIF might not immediately show in the search for the tag. If you have any questions, hit us up at!