European call: Refugee Integration Project



Guarimba, in venezuelan indigenous language, means “safe place”.

La Guarimba is a cultural association in southern Italy that organizes La Guarimba International Film Festival.

We are looking for partners to apply for the european fund: Refugee Integration Project


La Scuola Delle Scimmie (The Monkey’s School) is an itinerant project initiated by La Guarimba Film Festival’s Cultural Association. Founded by Giulio Vita and Sara Fratini, the aim of the school is to teach up-and-coming professionals from independent cinema industries how to produce and distribute quality artistic content with limited resources; to have a cinema school that trains its students through participatory democracy and team work.

The Monkey’s School uses experimental learning techniques that demand student participation and constant interaction and facilitation from the course tutors.


We are looking for partners to participate in the european call “Support for Refugee Integration”

Using what we learned from La Scuola Delle Scimmie and from our festival, we would develop a school in order to improve mutual understanding between the population of the host country and the refugees.

The idea is to bring the school in every partner country and reach 30 participants in each country: 15 locals and 15 refugees.

Goals of the school:

-To lead participants to observe, understand and represent the point of view of someone with a radically different history.

-Give a base in documentary filmmaking technique.

-Forge friendships and partnerships between youths who are from different backgrounds but who live in the same town.

-Make creative short documentaries that tell two different but complementary stories at the same time.

-Give young people the chance to see their creations on the big screen, side by side with international productions showing at the festival. By supporting the course’s participants with equipment, technical advice and creative tutoring we will be using the lab’s ten days to produce five short films that will be both an expression of the young filmmakers and their first steps in a professional documentary filmmaking environment.


The European Monkey’s school will be organized in:

1. Programming and organising with partners

2. International Monkey’s Schools: Each partner will organise 3 weeks of school engaging with citizens and refugees

3. Screenings and presentation of videos in all partners festivals

4. Evaluation and dissemination: each partner must disseminate the results and the film produced by citizens and refugees. The partners will discuss and design the alternative teaching methods and ultimately benefit from the resulting integration process.


In 2017 we will start the tour in every partner country. The duration of the school is 3 weeks in each country.


The Cinema tutor is Tomás Sheridan, a documentary producer and director who lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Tomás is committed to using his films to make the world a better place and by extension, through his teaching work, wants his workshops to inspire people to tell stories that will change minds, inform and create dialogue between people with different outlooks.

By the end of the course each group will have their own documentary short, which will be shown in every partner festival and on our YouTube and Vimeo channels.

The 3 week course includes:

– Production roles in documentary cinema
– Concept development
– Brainstorming sessions and techniques
– Pre-production and research
– Pitching sessions
– Storytelling, filming, sound-recording and editing technique


The partners must be active throughout the entire process. We ask them to: organize an international monkey’s school in their country and study the effect of the non formal teaching method.


follow all the international monkey’s school and compose a sociological study on cinema education as a tool for integration.

The partners must be active in the cultural and creative sectors; and they have to have a partner in the public, social, healthcare or educational fields or any other sector that could support the social and cultural integration of refugees and/or generate intercultural dialogue.

Elegible countries

The partners have to be registered in one of the following countries: the 28 Member States of the European Union, the EFTA/EEA countries: Iceland and Norway, EU candidate countries: Turkey, Albania, Serbia, Montenegro and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Potential candidate: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Other countries participating in the Culture Sub-programme: Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine


-All the partners need to have a PIC NUMBER

Document we need:


● MANDATE (letterhead, sign and stamp)

● CURRICULUM in which list: main activities in cultural, cinema and integrations; objectives of the organisation as per the statutes/articles of association of the organisation.

● List and curriculum of staff that will work on project (about 2-3)

The partner will also sign an agreement about the activities and responsibilities for this project.


The partners should cover the 20% of the cost of the school.

Each partner can find local sponsors.


You can contact us by phone +39 3392086981 or by email