We have teamed up with UNICEF ITALIA to create a cinema experience just for children. “La Grotta dei Piccoli” is a screening venue in a natural cave of La Grotta Park in Amantea. From 7th to 11th August we screen a short films program for children including workshops during the day.

Curated by: Alex Spagnolo



Within “La Grotta dei Piccoli” we created an environmental selection inspired by our sustainability project Cambur. Through the simplicity of animation, we aim to touch upon tough subject matters such as the conflict between humans and nature.

Curated by: Diana Scalfati


Yajun Shi | 2018 | 2′ | USA / China

Parasite is about the conflict between human development and nature.

Dear Son

Aagje Van Damme | 2018 | 6’ | Belgium

Francis, a peaceful and dependent man, has been working together with his bossy mother, Bertha, for his entire life.

A strange trial

Marcel Barelli | 2018 | 9′ | Switzerland

I have always wanted to make a film ABOUT hunting … I mean … AGAINST hunting!

Wild Love

Paul Autric, Quentin Camus, Léa Georges, Maryka Laudet, Zoé Sottiaux & Corentin Yvergniaux | 2018 | 6′ | France

While on a romantic getaway, Alan and Beverly cause a fatal accident.

And that is how the rivers came to be

Miguel Araoz Cartagena | 2019 | 3′ | Peru

This animation takes us back in time to the moment when a mighty Kukama God created the Amazon’s rivers with his bow and arrow.

Next Stop

Brad Gibson | 2018 | 2′ | Canada

A hungry train passenger unintentionally disrupts everyone’s commute.

Just Visiting

Charlie Kothe | 2018 | 1′ | USA

A mysterious traveler and his faithful canine catch a ride home that’s out of this world.


François Narboux | 2018 | 1′ | France

One morning, in the school yard, Babou has a revelation she chooses to listen and assumes her difference.


Valeria Weerasinghe | 2019 | 3′ | Italy / UK

Amongst the clutter of a sleepy, second-hand shop, lonely and discarded Moka sits on top of a dusty shelf.

Black and White

Nella Addy | 2018 | 3′ | South Africa

The characters experience a series of surreal sequences.


Raymond Limantara Sutisna | 2018 | 3′ | Singapore

A boy and a girl fighting for painting space, both refusing to give in until the mess they create goes out of control.

Shy & Ketchup

Teresa Romo | 2019 | 3′ | Chile

A shy girl obsessed with ketchup has to get out of her comfort zone when she runs out of her beloved ketchup.

Live a Little

Jenny Jokela | 2018 | 3′ | United Kingdom

Live a Little taps into the pressures and the amounts of self-control that goes into being a ”good woman” in a patriarchal society by celebrating women who decide to not care.


Maki Yoshikura | 2018 | 4′ | United Kingdom

The Labradoodle Billie’s happy life comes to a sudden end when one morning her beloved owner doesn’t wake up anymore.

Sunday Morning

Vinnie Ann Bose | 2018 | 4′ | France

Every sunday morning Ann, a 7 year old girl, is forced to wake up early to go to church with her family.

Red Omen

Ed Roman | 2018 | 4′ | USA

The message is for awareness of Dyslexia.

Little Malabar

Patrick Volve | 2018 | 4′ | France

Little Malabar is very curious and very lucky.


Louis Morton | 2018 | 4′ | Denmark

On a remote island in the future, people are training for an important mission.


Sara Mengual | 2018 | 4′ | United Kingdom

Based on the real story of Luís, a boy from Múcura, Colombia, who learned to read and write through betrayal and heartbreak.

Back And Forth

Lisa Foster | 2018 | 4′ | Belgium

A dance about individual rhythms that go together, seem to clash or just stay separate.

Medium Rare

Luca Cioci | 2018 | 4′ | Italy / USA

Functional and aesthetic values in recurrent, yet questionable domestic scenarios.

My Mother's Eyes

Jenny Wright | 2018 | 4′ | United Kingdom

A story about motherhood and loss in an abstract world of childhood memory.

Bear With Me

Daphna Awadish | 2019 | 4′ | Netherlands

A short animated documentary on immigrants who left their home and crossed borders for love.

Les lèvres gercées

Fabien Corre & Kelsi Phung | 2018 | 4′ | France

In a kitchen, a mother and a child struggle to establish dialogue.


Taro Otani | 2019 | 4′ | Japan

The girls meet a masked man in their dream.

The Crack

Mika Koskinen | 2017 | 4′ | Finland

Time goes by and we can’t stop it or change it.

Carlotta's Face

Valentin Riedl & Frédréric Schuld | 2018 | 5′ | Germany

As a child, Carlotta didn’t expect people around here to have faces.

Janet, Who Fell From The Sea

Isabel Greenberg | 2018 | 5′ | United Kingdom

A girl falls into an underwater town, haunted by the ghosts of unfinished stories.

Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic

Brett Jubinville & Troy McDonald | 2017 | 5′ | Canada

In this colorful episode of the children’s cartoon “Mr. Monkey, Monkey Mechanic”, Mr. Chameleon wants his car to match the color of his clothes.

Per tutta la vita

Roberto Catani | 2018 | 5′ | Italy

Through a journey back in memory, a woman and a man retrace the most important moments of their love story.

Kitwana's Journey

Ng’endo Mukii | 2019 | 5′ | Kenya

This is the story of a boy named Kitwana.

Apple of My Eye

Davide Benvenuti | 2018 | 5′ | Italy / Singapore

In a strange land two creatures fight over the last scrap of food.


Sun Jing | 2018 | 5′ | China / USA

The most vivid view of natural cycle in human societies is best seen through the lens of karma on a microscopic scale.


Timothée Crabbé | 2018 | 6′ | Belgium

Innocent and curious, the child walks on the treadmill of modern life that feeds him, educates and protects, but the rhythm accelerates and step by step, the child opens his eyes.

Max & Leyla

Kids ‘N Tricks | 2018 | 6’ | Germany

The little dragon Max lives on the small, dry island Crystal somewhere in the big ocean.

Good Night

Makiko Nanke | 2018 | 6’ | Japan

For these twin boys, a little sibling rivalry is an everyday occurrence.

West Question East Answer

Dal Park | 2018 | 6′ | United Kingdom

An experimental documentary that explores communication problems between two generations.


Sophie Lécuyer | 2019 | 6′ | France

The story is set in a dream garden, where creatures unveil and undergo a metamorphosis.


Brenda Lopez | 2018 | 7’ | Canada

The journey of Nadia and Lupe, two immigrants who risked their lives to cross the Arizona desert in search for a better life.

The Bird & the Whale

Carol Freeman | 2018 | 7′ | Ireland

A story about a young whale struggling to find his voice.


Shadi Adib | 2018 | 7′ | Germany

A mousetrap snaps shut, a market place awakens.

Relation • Ship

Zoey Lin | 2018 | 7’ | USA

Though each love is experienced as unique and though the subject rejects the notion of repeating it elsewhere later on, he sometimes discovers in himself a kind of diffusion of amorous desire.

Fighting Pablo

Robbe Vervaeke | 2018 | 7′ | Belgium

A young artist is working on a portrait when an unexpected moment of frustration and doubt shatters his inspiration.

In the House of Paper Flowers

Anita George | 2018 | 7′ | USA

A woman with two cats and a tiny wolf songstress learns a valuable lesson about the enduring power of love.


Pirmin Bieri Aira Joana, Luca Struchan & Nicolas Roth | 2018 | 7’ | Switzerland

Troubled by his own reoccurring transformations, a restless backpacker seeks his place in the world.

Hors de l'eau

Simon Duong Van Huyen, Joël Durand, Thibault Leclercq, Valentin Lucas & Andrei Sitari | 2018 | 8′ | France

Through the eyes of a macaque mother, a group of snow monkeys has to face the strict rules which govern their community.

Thatha's Secret

Sharanya Ramesh | 2018 | 8′ | India

Every summer, Arya and her sister Tara spend their holidays at their grandfather’s forest home.

Good Intentions

Anna Mantzaris | 2018 | 8′ | United Kingdom

After a young woman is responsible for a hit and run, strange and spooky things starts to happen.


Delia Hess | 2018 | 8′ | Switzerland

On a small planet, caught up in their own little private universe, the inhabitants perform their poetically surreal actions, which repeat themselves in an endless loop.

Fire in Cardboard City

Phil Brough | 2018 | 8′ | New Zealand

When a city made from cardboard catches fire it is up to the local fire chief and his brave deputies to save Cardboard City from total destruction.

The Flood Is Coming

Gabriel Böhmer | 2018 | 8’ | United Kingdom

“The Flood is Coming” explores the growing anxiety about the state of nature and our place in it.


María Victoria Sánchez Lara | 2019 | 9′ | Venezuela

“Girasol” is the story of Carandai, the first sunflower in the world.

A Bird With No Legs

Nick Cinelli | 2019 | 9′ | United Kingdom

Theo plays his saxophone to lead his broken father, James, inside a magical song. Theo’s goal: to help James overcome his grief.

Don't Feed These Animals

Guilherme Afonso & Miguel Madaíl de Freitas | 2019 | 10’ | Portugal

Once upon a time there was a lobotomised bunny who lived in a research laboratory.


Ina Sotirova | 2019 | 10′ | Jamaica

On a utopian Caribbean island, a young priestess must overcome her insecurities, defy tradition and step into her power to save her people from impending danger.

King of the House

Zige Zhang | 2019 | 10′ | China / USA

A delusional man lives alone in a small dark house, believing that he is the king of the world and his supremacy is secure.

The Juggler

Iuri Moreno | 2018 | 10’ | Brazil

An animated documentary about street jugglers who bring color to the monotonous day of the big cities.


Jacky De Groen | 2018 | 11′ | Belgium

Sailors kill time under a blistering sun, awaiting a sign of their prey.


Zhanna Bekmambetova | 2018 | 11′ | Russia

Main characters are Luba and her friend Sparrow. Silly Sparrow doesn’t know fear. By playing with him Luba forgets she is on a robe.

The Music Box

Joe Chang | 2019 | 11’ | Canada

A young boy is able to grab the only thing he treasures, which is a western style music box, and is careful not to expose it to the red guards since it was linked to western culture.


Paul James | 2018 | 12′ | New Zealand

A young girl fights for a sense of belonging.

The Wheel Turns

Sang Joon Kim | 2018 | 12′ | United States

A prosaic subway operator turned into a toad rediscovers himself in a dystopian world.

I’m going out for cigarettes

Osman Cerfon | 2018 | 13’ | France

Jonathan, twelve years old, lives with his sister, his mother and also some men. They all have the same face and nest in closets, drawers, TV set …

Sweet Night

Lia Bertels | 2018 | 13′ | Belgium

In winter, in Himalaya, a bear does not manage to fall asleep. He thinks too much and is in the doldrums.

They Hunt

Rhys Byfield | 2018 | 14′ | United Kingdom

In the middle of nowhere, in a world filled with monstrous creatures, sits a small heavily protected diner.

My Juke-box

Florentine Grelier | 2019 | 14’ | France

A young woman is getting closer to her now aging father under the pretext of repairing a jukebox, object of their common memories.

Le Mans 1955

Quentin Baillieux | 2018 | 15′ | France

The 24 Hours of Le Mans, 1955. 300,000 spectators are watching from the sidelines.

Broken Being

Quang Dang | 2018 | 15′ | Vietnam

In a post-apocalyptic world humanity faces an unprecedented existential crisis when confronted by different life forms of clones and machines.

Miles Away

Barbara Brunner | 2018 | 3′ | Switzerland

Miles is a little boy whose best friend is a tree.


Juan Pablo Zaramella | 2018 | 3′ | Argentina

Glory is at our fingertips!

It Starts With

Laura Nasir-Tamara | 2018 | 2′ | Indonesia / France / UK

People falling in and out of love, and also making tiny teacups.


Oana Lacroix | 2018 | 6’ | Switzerland

In a large forest where single-colored birds live everyone has found his place in a tree that looks like him.

Grand Bassin

Héloïse Courtois, Chloé Plat, Victori Jalabert & Adèle Raigneau | 2018 | 6′ | France

An afternoon at the swimming pool.


Filippo Letizi | 2019 | 2′ | Italy

A boy finds a dead pigeon on the road. He tries to give it a chance to fly one last time.


Estelle Gattlen & Sarah Rothenberger | 2018 | 6’ | Switzerland

Eva is a young woman about to leave her home to start her life as an adult in the city.

The Most Magnificent Thing

Arna Selznick | 2018 | 21′ | Canada

An inspirational story about a little girl with a creative spirit, determined to make great things. Joined by her best friend, her pet dog, the two happily explore the world, doing absolutely everything together.

Captain Monsterica and The Purple Protector

Brett Jubinville | 2018 | 6’ | Canada

Zap! Zonk! Zowie!

Bloeistraat 11

Nienke Deutz | 2018 | 9’ | Belgium

Inseparable best friends spend their last summer holiday of childhood amusing themselves around the house.


Gökalp Gönen | 2019 | 19’ | Turkey

Embarked on a spaceship in the hope of finding a new habitable planet, the human trapped in his own ship after the robot overseer finds every single candidate planet unsuitable.


Federico Gutierrez Obeso | 2018 | 9′ | Mexico

Primos is a story of binaries led by fantastic apes.