El desafío a la muerte (THE CHALLENGE TO DEATH)

Juan Pablo Zaramella - 2001| 3' 20" | Argentina
For the very first time in front of a camera, Fahaki Ayunanda introduces his all body into a blender and assures that he will remain alive after turning it on.

El guante (THE GLOVE)

Juan Pablo Zaramella - 2001| 10' | Argentina
A man is mysteriously chosen to receive a strange box with a glove inside. From that moment on he becomes a part of a plan that may change his life forever.


Juan Pablo Zaramella - 2004 | 16' | Argentina
Antonio is a boy who wants to go to Mars. Luckily, his grandfather knows how to get there.


Juan Pablo Zaramella - 2007 | 3' 30" | Argentina
A curious nun ventures into the darker side of her animated world.

En la opera (AT THE OPERA)

Juan Pablo Zaramella - 2010 | 1'| Argentina
An original and particular moving night at the opera.

5 elementos (5 elements)

Juan Pablo Zaramella - 2011 | 7' 06" | Argentina


Juan Pablo Zaramella - 2011 | 1' | Argentina
The incredible skills of a country-side man.


Juan Pablo Zaramella - 2011 | 6' 20" | HD | Color | Argentina
In a world controlled and timed by light, an ordinary man has a plan that could change the natural order of things.

أحمر باهت (Pale Red)

Mohammad Hammad - 2010 | 14' | Egypt
Shaimaa a teenager in the 2nd year in high school who lives alone with her old grandmother after the traveling of her parents to work abroad. Shaimaa and her grandmother have nothing in common, each one has her own world, different and isolated from each other although they live in the same home. Today Shaimaa had to reconsider her way of life as a female after facing an embarrassing situation. This is the gate to enter the feminine teenagers' world and discover this sensitive period.

ساعة عصاري (At day's end)

Sherif El Bendary - 2008 | 15' | Egypt
"Is SOLIMAN taller?!!" .. And so wondered SOLIMAN'S father when his 32 year old son visited him.

صندوق دنيا (A LIFE'S BOX)

Ahmed Shawky - 2010 | 3' | Egypt
A short, experimental film about giving up dreams that are believed to be unable to fulfill. Can renunciation make one happy?

راجلها (HER MAN)

Ayten Amin - 2006 | 10' | Egypt
Two women waiting for a man.. Their man!


Pirkko runnel - 2011 | 1' | Estonia
Individual versus collective. How to find a conventional movement and a personal position in a group? Performed with a grace, harmony and (de) synchrony

Les Barbares

Jean-Gabriel Périot - 2010 | 5' | France
We are scum! We are barbarians !

32 dicembre

Fabrizio Bellomo - 2011 | 3’02” | Italy
A series of video-portraits of people from the city of Bari, mostly children's portraits. The subjetcs are itinerant selers of fireworks. The use of video is meant as a photographic dilation, in line with static time lived by the subject.


Joni Männistö - 2011 | 7’ | Finland
A child discovers life inside a dead bird and starts to play with it.


Claudius Gentinetta and Frank Braun - 2010 | 04’ 09'' | Switzerland
Full breath ahead into the final sleep. A lullaby for a silent decline.


Peter Millard - 2012 | 05’ | UK
I once lived in a Boogodobiegodongo and I felt better.


Daniel Schwarz & Davide Cairo - 2012 | 03' | Italy
VANISH is a fascinating journey through surreal landscapes, in which music and video have been composed in parallel, influencing each other in their development. Common materials, such as the abovementioned ice, wood, porcelain, metal, and even balsamic vinegar, simultaneously gave rise to sounds and imagery.


Elli Vuorinen - 2010 | 04’ 15'' | Finland
Wooden knocks are echoing in a frozen landscape when a lonesome man is searching for a tongueling of his own.

I know you can hear me

Miguel Fonseca - 2010 | 04’ 04'' | Portugal
A film about love inside a film about war.

More Than Ever

Antony Osso
‘More Than Ever' is a doc portrait of New Yorkers John Hilton and Bill Campbell, a couple who beat the odds through the decades in order to live an incredible 54-year love story. We revisit their time in the military, their trips abroad, and their latest challenge: coping with Parkinson’s. Their story of devotion is an inspiration to LGBT people as well as to anyone wondering how to make love last.

Say Only Yes

Antony Osso
‘The Devotion Project: Say Only Yes’ features Brian Cantor and Paul Labrecque, chronicling their meeting in London in 1986, the opening of the hugely successful Paul Labrecque Salons in NYC, and the serious obstacles they overcame on their way to getting married on the day of their 25th anniversary, the very first weekend gay marriage was legal in New York.

Listen from the heart

Antony Osso
‘The Devotion Project: Listen from the Heart’, the third film in a series, traces the relationship of Laura Fitch and Jaime Jenett, from their initial meeting and love affair, through the birth of their child, a boy with a heart condition who enriches their lives in ways they could never have imagined.

My Person

Antony Osso
‘The Devotion Project: My Person' chronicles the lives of Eric and Anne Plemons, who are raising their daughter Jonah in Oakland, CA. Eric, a trans man, met Anne, a queer woman, in Chicago seven years ago - together they describe their romance, marriage, and the birth of their daughter. They also discuss the challenges they face as a trans couple and how they've overcome adversity to become a very traditional non-traditional family.

Build Your Wings

Antony Osso
Daniel Pando and Vitor Braga Lara are a young gay couple who met in Ft. Lauderdale as teenagers and have been together eight years. Instantly relatable to young people, they talk us through the adventure of meeting, moving up to NYC, and their very modern take on long-lasting love, including a very special birthday surprise.

Foremost in My Mind

Antony Osso
Gail Marquis, an Olympic Medalist (Montreal ‘76), met Audrey Smaltz when she was 43 and Smaltz, a former model, was 61. They'd each had other relationships, Marquis with women and Smaltz with men, but until they met it had never 'clicked'. Smaltz, an entrepreneur who works in fashion, didn't miss a beat when telling friends about her new love, and they soon became inseparable. This story will resonate with the “late bloomers” among us as it tracks the course of these women's incredible lives, each rich with accomplishment, and celebrates their love story.